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a militant organization of Irish nationalists who used terrorism and guerilla warfare in an effort to drive British forces from Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland

a retirement plan that allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward your retirement

belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong (personified as one of the deadly sins)

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Those who invest in IRAs are committed contributors, the ICI says, noting that more than 70% of those who made a traditional IRA contribution in 2014 did so again in 2015.
And, prohibited transactions must be avoided because they can instantly and irretrievably kill an IRA, causing a deemed distribution resulting in imposition of income taxes on the entire value of the IRA.
Moving an entire IRA balance to a new custodian or to a new advisor could end a client's IRA.
28 tax court decision, the petitioners were transferring money from IRA to IRA using indirect rollovers, where the money is payable to the IRA holder, but the money has to be put back into another IRA within 60 days.
IRA withdrawals were infrequent and mostly retirement related.
Neither spouse qualifies for a deductible contribution to a traditional IRA because couples filing a 2012 joint tax return can't make deductible contributions if they have modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) of $112,000 or more, and if both spouses are covered by an employer's retirement plan.
If you have been building knowledge of a particular industry--be it biotech, construction or hospitality--a self-directed IRA is a flexible tool that allows you to use your expertise to choose wealth-building investments.
In contrast to the traditional IRA, the SIMPLE IRA must be established for employees by an employer.
By contrast, contributions made to a Roth IRA are made with after-tax dollars and are not deductible.
Similar percentages of households own IRAs and participate in 401(k) plans, and IRA ownership is associated with higher educational and income levels.
A Roth IRA has several important advantages over a traditional IRA.
408, which governs IRAs, specifically identifies who can serve as custodian of an IRA.
Section One is Choosing to Retire Rich, chapter titles include; Extreme Makeover-Retirement Style, An IRA Primer, Keeping What's Yours, Section Two; Laying a Solid Foundation with supporting chapters: Choosing an Administrator, Jo's Backup Crew, Managing Risk.
In June 1998, upon the death of Ray Campbell, his wife Charlotte inherited an IRA with a balance of $1,010,988.
You can deduct traditional IRA contributions on your income taxes.