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Through this agreement, Tata Communications and Syniverse will leverage each other's IPX networks to expand the collective reach of directly connected global mobile service providers.
Also it includes the Middle East's first IPX Exchange for mobile operators and includes the region's largest portfolio," he explained.
The agreement with Ooredoo Oman builds on Syniverse's six- year relationship with the operator and Syniverse's IPX momentum to enable people to enjoy the same high-quality mobile experience that they have become accustomed to at home, wherever they travel.
The agreement allows both Tele2 and iBasis to use each otheraACAOs IPX interconnect for international voice, which give their customers a guaranteed high-quality voice and high-speed data access comparable to what they receive while in their home network.
A rapidly growing number of interconnected operators are leveraging the global IPX ecosystem to add value for their subscribers by utilizing IPX-enabled components, including Signaling/S6a and S9 (Diameter), Data/S8 and VoLTE, to deliver a complete LTE Roaming solution.
This is via an extensive transmission network that combines MPLS, IPL, terrestrial and satellite links as well as PCCW Global's 50-plus IPX interconnections.
IPX sees Gemaltoa[euro](tm)s dedication to developing mobile money, mobile identity and mobile security, as well as expertise in secure cards and near field communication (NFC), as key to stepping up its growth and expanding its offerings to customers, its head Richard Anell said.
* InteractX runtime software preloaded and enabled (IPX), or configuration to run third-party or custom Windows applications (IPC).
Hong Kong, Sept 9, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - CITIC 1616 Holdings Limited ("CITIC 1616"; stock code: 1883), a leading telecoms services provider in Asia, today announced the availability of its IPX service (Internet Protocol Packet Exchange), which provides a one-stop-shop turnkey solution for IDD voice, mobile roaming signaling, SMS messaging and roaming data services for both mobile, fixed network operators and ISP (Internet Service Providers).
Tadiran's award-winning Coral IPx family of telephony products is installed across hundreds of RE/MAX sites.
Designed to provide telephony solutions for large enterprises, the NEAX 2400 Internet Protocol eXchange (IPX) is an enterprise-wide IP-PBX that supports peer-to-peer connectivity, as well as IP transport and traditional TDM telephony.
Pure JP switching provides communications between Drerm IP phones and also provides CCIS network connections with up to 255 NEAX 2000 I PS, NEAX 2400 IPX, NEAX IPX-DM and NEAX IPS-DM systems.
This is achieved by supporting a variety of protocols over standard networks including: Microsoft Windows NT and OS/2; SMB (Server Message Block) over TCP/IP or NetBEUI, Novell; NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) over IPX (Internet Packet Exchange), Unix; NFS (Network File System) over TCP/IP via UDP (User Datagram Protocol), Macintosh; AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol) over TCP/IP and Web Browser; HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) over TCP/IP.
Novell Inc used the Networld+Interop conference in Las Vegas this week to introduce a new software suite to enable users of its Netware operating system to manage their remote and branch office servers using IP as opposed to Novell's proprietary IPX language.