triple play

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the act of getting three players out on one play

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The latest release of the platform expands its DRM interoperability and adds new enterprise IPTV capabilities.
About: Ecosmob is an Ahmedabad based IPTV development company with global client base.
The Quality of Service (QoS), which is an important metric frequently used to measure network performance is required in order to guarantee end-to-end IPTV deployment over a converged network and to provide Quality of Experience (QoE) assurance to subscribers.
"Distributing IPTV service in the UAE is illegal and customers must also be vigilant against accessing such a service.
To broadcast a video signal that is comparable or better than the video signal broadcast by existing television providers, is one of the main prerequisites for the delivery of IPTV services.
Section 2 presents an overview of P2P IPTV. Section 3 introduces related work of P2P IPTV measurement.
The three largest country-markets -- China, France and the US -- each had over 10 million IPTV subscriptions at year-end 2012 and together accounted for roughly 53 percent of the global IPTV subscription base.
In 2011, the IPTV subscriber base in Europe increased by ~% to ~ million as compared to ~ million in 2010.Of the ~ million subscribers in 2011, around ~% or ~ million subscribers were located in France.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-September 4, 2012--UTStarcom divests IPTV business, makes executive changes(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 4, 2012--UTStarcom divests IPTV business, makes executive changes(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) subscriber numbers in the Mena region is predicted to undergo a ten-fold increase, reaching 1.6 million by 2014, said the organisers ahead of a major summit on multiplatform services in Dubai.