initial public offering

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a corporation's first offer to sell stock to the public

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Maney's words are right on point given the losses Lyft's and Uber's IPO filings revealed.
Companies that don't meet the emerging growth criteria must release their IPO filings, usually with hundreds of pages of detail about their financial condition, risk factors and ownership and management structure, months before they sell their shares.
Using the 2012 law allowing confidential IPO filings "is not good, considering that social media is all about openness and transparency," said Trip Chowdhry at Global Equities Research.
IPO filings show that it has agreed to acquire about 1,100 more homes.
The Jobs Act loosens regulations for smaller companies filing for IPOs, including allowing them to keep financial data in their IPO filings confidential for longer.
Thanks to the Jobs Act, these companies have little to lose in at least preparing for IPO filings. The law allows companies with less than $1 billion in revenue to file registration statements confidentially, giving them room to resolve any regulatory issues out of the public eye and even pull an offering without the stigma attached to a withdrawal.
Renren's IPO filings do raise a handful of very serious questions.
"If you look to the IPO filings in Q2 versus the pricings, you get a somewhat brighter picture of what may be on the horizon for the IPO market," said Ryan Caione, Hoover's finance industry expert.
Convio declined to comment citing SEC rules regarding IPO filings.
But if the recent spate of new IPO filings is any indication, that lull could end in the near future.
Consistent with Dunbar and Foerster (2008) and others, in our sample, 1,652 issuers (20% of all IPO filings) withdraw their IPO registrations, and 147 of these withdrawn IPOs (9%) return to the market successfully the second time.