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an informal debt instrument

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Non-neoplasic lesions (including non-palpable lesions biopsied by IOUS guidance) were verified in dogs numbers 3 and 5.
This study of cases showed the applicability of the IOUS technique in dogs during exploratory laparotomy for tumor investigation in the spleen, liver and bowel.
In all of the dogs in which IOUS was used in this study to evaluate the liver, it was possible to detect new non-palpable intraparenchynial lesions.
Based on IOUS findings, biopsy diagnosis of the new lesions was attempted.
The use of IOUS during abdominal surgery allows for the direct application of a high-frequency transducer on the surface of the organ(s) of interest, with no obstacle in the abdominal wall to the penetration of sound waves.
Small and specific intraoperative probes could have decreased the difficulty of access to the liver during IOUS in dogs, improving the quality of the assessment.
Awake craniotomy with electrical stimulation and IOUS with miniature probe could achieve 97% of tumour rest of the tumour was adhered with optic radiation and hence was left intentionally.
In our study IOUS was able to localise the tumour in all 39 (100%) patients and in 36 (92.
54%) patient MRI did not confirm the IOUS findings.