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an informal debt instrument

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Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) has said that it will resume accepting registered warrants, or IOUs, on September 4, 2009, for deposits that were issued by the State of California to its Wells Fargo and Wachovia retail and business customers.
The second IOU with a low non-utility margin is an unrelated diversifier, with a broad portfolio including diverse manufacturing, trucking, construction, health and information services businesses.
In contrast to their IOU brethren, cooperatives have generally stayed close to their utility distribution roots and for those rated by agencies, investment-grade ratings are the norm with positive or stable outlooks.
IOU bought 385 shares at 154p in May 1999 - before the show's launch - and sold a year later for 350p each.
The return on the IOU is then lower than it otherwise might be because the banker keeps a bigger amount of cash to satisfy customers who have chosen this investment scheme.
The IOU wants the developer to interconnect its water pipes into the utility's main line (abutting the development) so the utility can provide service immediately.
There is also extensive footage of the stars playing in a group called IOU, Westlife's original name before pop mogul Louis Walsh took them over and changed the lineup.
Islamic Online University (IOU) has inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Gambia College School of Education to advance some of the courses offered by the Gambia College School of Education to IOU standards.
THE new Paym mobile payments service has been made available to 30 million people following its launch this week - making it much easier to maintain good IOU etiquette.
However, his lawsuit, announced yesterday, comes as he faces criminal charges for allegedly failing to honour 30 IOU markers for amounts ranging from EUR132,626 to EUR607,870.
You suggested that the reader should lend the son the money so he could later ask for it back, if necessary, and you told him to get the son to give a signed and dated IOU.
Everybody wins: The politicians get a shot at keeping their offices longer, while technically keeping their distance, and the special interests chalk up a big political IOU in Sacramento.
Money remains very much a taboo subject, and more often people would prefer to wipe a debt clean than confront a friend about an IOU.
Because no fractional reserve bank, no matter how well managed, can afford to pay off all its IOU holders at once should they simultaneously demand their money back, each bank faces a positive probability of catastrophic failure at any moment.