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an agency in the Department of Justice that enforces laws and regulations for the admission of foreign-born persons to the United States

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Any suggestion that he has been detained for reasons other than his outstanding deportation order is wrong," said Kerry Gill, public affairs officer for INS Newark District.
Special Registration, officially known as "Special Call-In Registration," requires tens of thousands of noncitizen men and boys, ages sixteen and older, from twenty-six countries to appear at designated INS offices.
We hope this interest translates into a desire to legalize their immigration status in this country as soon as possible,'' said Los Angeles INS spokesman Francisco Arcaute.
SEVIS requires that each school receive a site visit from INS prior to certification.
Led by an INS official named Maurice Berez, the task force quickly discovered gaping holes.
At the same time as Congressional and judicial efforts were curtailing the authority of the INS and the Administration to deport and exclude non-citizens based on political beliefs and associations, such efforts were stymied or ineffective when Arabs and Muslims were the targets.
The INS is advising arts groups to file earlier if they can't pay the new fee, but many say this is impossible.
Administration officials were tempted to argue that inherent limitations in INS databases prevented them from assisting the investigation.
A complete description of INS PCI compliance services can be found at http://www.
The proposal includes the largest defense spending increase in 20 years and significant funding for INS enforcement efforts.
The deportations show INS agents were aware of Garcia's criminal acts, Arcaute said.
An INS spokesman said the student visas were approved last summer before the pair surfaced as terrorists, but the INS failed to instruct a private contractor to delete the 9/11 terrorists from its approved list.
Regarding claims that some detainees at INS facilities were not fed during interrogations, Bergeron says such events are "the exception rather than the rule" and that "the policy of Immigration and those facilities is not to withhold meals.
So when the INS officer administering Tamene's naturalization exam asked him what the benefits of U.