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The meeting was told that owing to the rigorous monitoring and reporting of IMU teams almost all the vacancies of Medical Technicians and LHVs in primary healthcare facilities had been filled up while there had been a remarkable reduction in absenteeism of staff.
When contacted the project director of IMU and Health Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the comments but both the officials cell phone were not responded.
5 m the IMU mapping technology helps pipeline operators plan the most effective repair methodology, taking into account local geography and third-party constraints that may impede access.
The smallest IMU among high-performance IMUs having gyro bias instability of 10 dph or less (as of the beginning of August 2013, according to Epson's research)
We are amazed at what he has accomplished for them and more than hopeful that he'll be able to produce the same kind of results for IMU.
The vehicle used for the IMU is a Mercedes Sprinter, which underwent a series of tests - including how it handles on the road - before becoming operational.
The risks posed by the recent unrest would be greatly heightened if there is firm proof of IMU involvement.
Macro-behavior management in the IMU consists of different "in-cell" study packets and group participation programs and the use of the consequence based IMU program level system.
The grisly destruction of the IMU represented one of the greatest but least appreciated strategic triumphs in America's war on terrorism.
With fully encrypted and secure two-way communications, Silver Spring's Gas IMU solutions enable automated real-time alerts on system status, leak monitoring, meter tampering and other critical events, cutting utility labor costs and ensuring system reliability.
A meeting held here on Saturday last to review the overall performance of the IMU with provincial Senior Minister for Health Shahram Tarakai in the chair.
Chairing a meeting regarding health sector reforms, the minister lauded the efforts of IMU staff for compiling the data of health service outlets.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senior minister for Health Shahram Khan Tarakai has said that Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) set up in Health department is yielding very encouraging results and its overall performance is so far satisfactory adding that with vigilant monitoring by IMU, the attendance ratio of staff in health service delivery outlets of the province specially the Rural Health Centers (RHCs) and Basic Health Units (BHUs) has increased to a satisfactory level and resultantly the overall service delivery in these health outlets has improved considerably.
The report segments the IMU market on the basis of component, platform, gyro technology, application, and region.
System characteristics enabled by Epson's IMU include the following.