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Synonyms for aperture

Synonyms for aperture

an open space allowing passage

Words related to aperture

a device that controls amount of light admitted

a natural opening in something

an man-made opening

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But more importantly, Apple probably just wants to use iWork and iLife as selling points for its new hardware also set to release this fall with iOS 7.
The Mac mini with SuperDrive is the most affordable Mac for quickly and easily creating your own professional quality DVDs using iLife '05, Apple's suite of digital lifestyle applications.
Apple has upgraded its four multimedia tools--iTunes for music management, iPhoto for digital photography moviemaking, and iDVD for burning DVDs--into a single package known as iLife.
Highlights all the bells and whistles of the new iMac, including the new Magic Mouse, iLife applications, and the new OS
Rich, a photographer and writer on photography and technology topics, presents this guide to iPhoto '11, the latest version of the photo manipulation software included in Apple's iLife application suite.
As part of its iLife youth program launch, the credit union invited people ages 14-25 to submit a video less than two minutes explaining why they needed a room makeover.
Mac mini includes iLife Cy08, making it easier than ever to organize, enhance, and share your digital creations.
Leaning away from the "describe the menus" approach of other books, the authors focus on tips and tricks for challenges like working with PC users, wringing performance from iLife applications, and troubleshooting.
This Apple-certified guide to iLife '08, by Michael Cohen, Jeff Bollow, with Richard Harrington, features footage and images from around the world.
John Tollett and Robin Williams' Cool Mac APPs: A Guide To iLife 05, .
42 GHz with SuperDrive model which enables DVD creation with Apple's iLife '05 suite.
With the release of iLife '05 and iWork "05 in January, Apple continues to expand and enhance what it calls the "digital lifestyle.
Apple today completed its suite of iLife apps for iOS with the introduction of iPhoto for iPad and iPhone, which includes breakthrough Multi-Touch features so you can use simple gestures to sort through hundreds of photos, enhance and retouch your images and share stunning photo journals with iCloud.
According to Cnet, Microsoft's corporate vice president of communication, Frank Shaw had once remarked that Apple's latest iWork and iLife aren't precise and it is difficult to work on them compared to a desktop that offers true side-by-side multitasking.
Other patents granted to Apple include virtual keyboard for iOS devices, Apple's iLife - iDVD, Web Clip Widgets on iOS devices and over flow for iOS devices.