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Synonyms for plan

Synonyms for plan

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

a method used in dealing with something

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

to set the time for (an event or occasion)


to work out and arrange the parts or details of

Synonyms for plan

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It is also important to consider that parents may report that their child has an IFSP or IEP or is enrolled in therapy yet may not distinguish between the two, as public intervention may include therapy.
He views the MCCA as an exclusive IFSP and assures all MCCA product offerings are vetted by its SAB and the few local Imams with relevant expertise.
Associated with this IFS with probabilities (IFSP)(w,p) is the so-called Markov operator, M: [M.sub.1](X) [right arrow] [M.sub.1](X), defined as
If the eligibility determination is made at a transition point from early childhood, elementary, middle, or secondary school (NJCLD, 2007), or from public to private school, the data also should be used to inform the IFSP, IEP, ITP, or SOP.
A team, that includes the family, will meet to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).
The purpose of this study was to determine in what ways the quality of individualized family service plans (IFSPs) would be affected by adding written prompts to an IFSP form and instruction manual.
Facilitating the meaningful participation of culturally and linguistically diverse families in the IFSP and IEP process.
IFSP and IEP teams are mandated by law to provide services that will address the unique individual needs of each child.
In addition, early interventions services include home instruction, parent training, speech therapy, IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) planning, and transition planning.
A five-year campaign to combat `tipping' ( passing off counterfeit and cheap spirits as labelled brands ( has earned Northumberland County Council trading standards team an accolade from the International Federation of Spirit Producers (IFSP).
* Does your provider participate in your child's Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?
Chapter 3, "Developing the IFSP and IEP: Embracing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity during the IFSP and IEP Process: Implications from DEC Recommended Practice" (Chun Zhang and Tess Bennett), covers the activity that may be seen as both the end of the child find and assessment process and the beginning of the intervention process, developing the Individualized Family Service Plan and the Individualized Education Program.
The crackdown is backed by The International Federation of Spirits Producers (IFSP) which represents all the major spirit brand owners - Diageo, Highland Distillers, Bacardi-Martini, Allied Domecq and Pernod Ricard.
The girl was 26 months of age at the beginning of the study and was receiving early intervention services under an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).