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the battle in 1806 in which Napoleon decisively defeated the Prussians

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Consistent with nineteenth-century medical reasoning, one of the recent critics (14) of syphilis diagnosis curiously notes that Nietzsche was treated with mercury at the Iena clinic by his assistant physician, Dr.
ANKARA, Nov 3, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish inventors won three medals at "IENA 2010 Fair" which was held in Germany between October 28 and 31.
Le monde de la musique (ISSN 0181-7949), published in France since 1978 by Iena Presse, ceased publication in 2009.
Esto, junto con las ventajas del [H.sub.2] como energetico (Seccion 1.2), da fundamento al proyecto que sobre el tema viene desarrollando el Grupo de Investigaciones en Energias Alternativas IENA de la Universidad de America, Bogota, Colombia.
Devastating accidents, like those aboard the French battleships Liberte and Iena and the Russian Imperatritsa Mariya, lent urgency to the search for an effective stabilizer.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 12.55 Celtic Spirit, 1.25 Its A Dream, 1.55 Pocket Aces (nb), 2.25 The Risky Viking (nap), 2.55 Cockatoo, 3.25 Papillon De Iena, 3.55 Half Cocked.
Un nom a priori inattendu sous la plume de Quinet est celui de Lorenz Oken (1778-1851), qui enseigna la philosophie de la nature a Iena et a Munich.
The day was rounded off when Papillon De Iena obliged in the Farmers Friend of Exeter Handicap Chase under Tony McCoy on the Devon track's evening card.
He ran well at Leicester to beat another of his rivals Papillon de Iena.
In this respect, six lonely Berlin-Iron medallions, once part of an important necklace presented by the King of Prussia after the Battle of Iena in 1806, demonstrate the destructive effects of the partage.
Institut Max-Planck de recherche en systemes economiques, Iena, Allemagne; Institut des strategies de developpement, Universite d'Indiana, USA; Centre de recherche en politiques econorniques (CEPR), Londres, R.-U.
His parents, Daniel and Iena, had moved to South Wales after fleeing persecution in their native Latvia at the start of the century.