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a commercial browser


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Despite being released nine years ago, IE 6 still claims 27.2 percent of the browser market, according to figures released in July by Net Applications.
"The reason to still be on IE 6 at this point is lack of awareness, or the good-enough problem that people are satisfied with what they are using," said Amy Barzdukas, general manager of IE and consumer security at Microsoft.
IE 6 also tends to be used with pirated versions of Windows XP operating system because newer software is better designed to expose illegitimate copies, according to Barzdukas.
A drawback to people sticking with IE 6 is that Microsoft s image can be maligned by software deficiencies that have been fixed in newer versions," according to Barzdukas.
The most popular of the Microsoft browser versions is IE 6 with a usage of 57.6% followed by IE 5.5 (18.3%) and IE 5.0 (16.9%).