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automatic data processing in which data acquisition and other stages or processing are integrated into a coherent system

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We will keep some IDP camps where they are still needed such as Kachin and Shan States.
Under Klein's leadership, Qorvo's IDP revenue grew double digits for 13 consecutive quarters as it expanded into diverse, high-growth markets.
This is further manifested by the commissioning today of these buildings for IDPs living in Pirallahi district.
These factors make Australia a great country for students to continue their academic journey',said Vantak Chheang, Student Placement Manager, IDP Education (Cambodia).
Over the past month, there were at least two other incidents of looting of humanitarian supplies in IDP camps in Darfur.
To be sure, we are by no means opposed to IDPs voting but we expect the exercise to be transparent, free, fair and credible to put a lie to the fears in some quarters that the whole essence of voting in IDP camps is to rig the election in favour of a political party.
figure By TOM MATOKE Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives have zeroed in on a cartel of 21 individuals said to be behind fraudulent schemes that led to loss of billions of shillings in compensation funds for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nandi.The DCI officers say bogus IDPs were compensated at the expense of genuine 2007/08 post-election violence victims through a fraud plot hatched by a former top official at the National Coordination Consultative Committee (NCCC) for IDPs.
This IDP initiative would further help students get application fee waivers and scholarships for a select few.
In Karen State, more than 5,000 civilians living in IDP camps along the Thai border are also yet to return home as skirmishes continue.
'That's why, the IDP Seminar has become a great platform for students seeking international education.
IDP was so impressed by Kirsten's winning designs that it has also offered her a year's placement at its head office in Spon Street, Coventry.
Thru participating in the IDP, people can now directly contribute in the ecological-sustainability initiative of the WWF that encourages the public to funnel their finances to vital and urgent causes such as conservation.
"This is a major event for IDP and as always we care-fully plan each time in order to ensure maximum benefit to students and ensure that students derive maximum gain from such events.
Papillary lesions of the breast are a heterogeneous group of neoplasms, which includes benign intraductal papilloma (IDP) as well as papilloma with atypia (atypical papilloma) and ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), papillary DCIS, and variants of papillary carcinoma.