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Suitably qualified and experienced IDE members can now apply for registration with the Engineering Council and, if successful, in what is a demanding assessment process, applicants can attain globally recognised acknowledgement of competence measured by exacting and long established standards.
The final potential objection to IDE disk use, which must be overcome, is the error handling of IDE disks.
Each patient who participates in an IDE study must give informed consent, and an Institutional Review Board (IRB) must oversee the study.
Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), is exceptionally generous in allowing reimbursement for any medical device as long as it is part of an IDE.
In addition to high reliability, all of M-Systems' FFD IDE Plus products offer sustained read and write rates up to 13MB per second and advanced security features.
IDE RAID is needed anywhere a low-cost solution is desired that provides high performance and data protection.
At the opening ceremonies, IDE Group President & CEO Peter Heiland said, "As the semiconductor industry continues to expand, as our relationships with Japan's leading OEMs dramatically increase, and as our global business evolves positively, we need to establish a truly solid IDE base in Japan.
SST's ADM products are extremely easy to integrate as they plug directly into standard IDE connectors commonly found in desktop or portable PC systems.
Now that IDE RAID is gaining acceptance in the marketplace, AMI will continue to provide solutions for levels of data protection, from desktop IDE RAID to SCSI and Fibre Channel RAID," said Sanjay Sehgal, director of OEM sales at AMI.
ActiveState, the leading provider of tools and services for dynamic languages, released the latest version of Komodo IDE today at RailsConf 2007, introducing unparalleled Ruby and Ruby on Rails support to the award-winning development environment.
Rational Rose RealTime facilitates a top-down approach to software design that makes it easy to conceptualize and structure complex applications," added David Abelow, director of alliance marketing for Rational Software "The MULTI IDE, together with Green Hills' optimizing compilers, make it easy for Rational Rose RealTime users to debug and optimize their applications for deployment on high-availability, and deeply embedded target systems.
Komodo added extensibility to its feature set with Komodo IDE 4.
A full-featured, multi-language IDE, its timesaving features include integrated online help and an interactive remote debugger.
General Micro Systems announced the Mini DDrive II, the first VMEbus mass storage card to feature two IDE hard drives and an LS-120 super floppy.