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IDC is a division of International Data Group, an IT media, research, and exposition company.
IDC has a 20% share of Japan's international telecom market.
Cunningham, also chairman of Cable and Wireless Japan Ltd., will direct the activities of the newly revamped IDC on a daily basis, it said.
"Increased bandwidth from 2.5G and 3G networks make multimedia transmission possible," said Alex Slawsby, research analyst for IDC's Smart Handheld Devices research.
"The robustness of ASR technology has improved to the point where it matches Touch-Tone telephone key pad for interaction," said Steve McClure, vice president for IDC's Speech and Natural Language Software service.
and deteriorating conditions in Europe and Asia, handset manufacturers and wireless carriers will be faced with slumping consumer demand despite any new services they may roll out over the next year," said Randy Giusto, vice president of IDC's Mobile and Desktop research.
IDC will be presenting the results of this comprehensive Linux survey in a series of five web conferences in August and September.
Despite the growth expected in the worldwide subscription base, IDC believes cable modems will have to confront a number off issues, including scaling problems, installation and provisioning challenges, and challenges from other broadband technologies.
According to IDC, Windows 2000 Professional, the replacement for Windows NT Workstation, is having quicker market acceptance than Windows 2000 Server.
IDC, founded in 1985, will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Molecular Probes.
An IDC report into application server and integration server software found the company lost ground in 2002, while Oracle Corp established itself in a fight for third place.
HP is also the champion of the Departmental HPC server category, according to IDC's rankings, having 53% of the top 200 machines installed in this category.
Unit shipments will grow in double digits this year and next for mobile phones and PCs, IDC forecasts.
IDC estimated that Nokia delivered 179.3 million mobile phones in 2003, an increase of 18% as compared to 2002.