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an agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank

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Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Leighton Opticians and Hearing Care and The Hearing Care Partnership, Ryan Leighton, told OT: "I feel incredibly proud that we are the first private-sector organisation across the globe to have partnered with Ida. I'm inspired by what we will learn, what we will be able to contribute and how this will help to further develop our person-centred care for our patients."
One day in 1884, Ida took a train trip, buying a first-class ticket.
Instead of bringing its employment levels from 385 to 390 in its second year of its 10-year PILOT program, OpenLink wound up reducing its staff to an estimated 220, according to the IDA.
During her time in the city, Ida, born in 1862, mobilised women in Birmingham and London against lynching in the Deep South.
Freeman says IDA embarked on the mission as a result of the prevailing economic situation that puts parents in difficult position to send their children to school.'We are involved into school and community programs, offering scholarship [to] less fortunate children in Montserrado and other counties,' he states.
Obviously, we read the numerous biographies on Georgia for clues, teasing out each lead and logging them in a master document in order to reconstruct the chronology of Ida's life.
Worldwide, the prevalence of pregnancy anemia was estimated 38% (95% confidence interval [ CI ]: 33-43%), meaning that 32 millions of pregnant women were affected.[1] Of those, more than 50% was a result of iron deficiency (ID).[1],[2] ID anemia (IDA) during pregnancy may cause a catastrophy of serious adverse outcomes, such as premature rupture of membrane, puerperal infection, fetal growth restriction, fetal hypoxia, and premature birth.[1],[3] Previous studies have identified several potential risk factors for IDA, such as poor nutritional status, multiple gestations, poor socioeconomic status, age over 30 years, multiparity, and shorter birth spacing.[4],[5]
The missive outlined five broad goals: uniting the Azawad people, (a) regulating the relationship with regional armed group Ansar Dine, (b) curbing the radical activities of militants, imposing sharia law, and developing support for external al-Qa 'ida activities.
IDA countries accounted for 8.5 per cent of total PPI investment in 2017, up from 4.3 per cent in 2016, said the report titled "Investments in IDA Countries Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) 2013 - 2017" from World Bank.
As part of the agreement, Mount Ida students received automatic admission to UMass Dartmouth and a clear path to degree completion there.
The 5-year bond marked the launch of IDA's borrowing program.
Management of IDA is important because of its link to increased morbidity and mortality (Shander et al., 2014).
the draft law on the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) reflects the fruitful cooperation between the ministry and parliament's industry committee.
Tractors are seen at the Tahya Misr housing project in Al-Asmarat district, Al Mokattam, east of Cairo, Egypt June 2, 2016 - REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh CAIRO -- 12 December 2017: "The Industrial development Authority (IDA) will launch 60 million square meters of industrial land plots by 2020," Chairman of the IDA Ahmed Abdel Razek said Tuesday.
Synopsis: Twelve days before her twenty-fourth birthday, on the foggy morning of Saturday 12 January 1901, Ida Nettleship married Augustus John in a private ceremony at St Pancras Registry Office.