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a hospital unit staffed and equipped to provide intensive care

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But state-specific patterns that show, for example, higher baseline rates and greater increases over time in ICU admissions for opioid overdose in Massachusetts and Indiana may be a starting point for investigation.
Based on their organizational goals and treatment modalities, ICUs in hospitals are divided into three groups such as first-, second-, and third-level ICUs.
The organization is charged with the care and welfare of the nation's veterans, managing more than 1,700 sites and 1,800 ICU beds, and serving nearly 9 million veterans each year.
Materials and Methods: This was a prospective study, conducted on 105 consecutively admitted medical ICU patients requiring mechanical ventilation during hospitalization from 1 June 2013 to 1 may 2014.
Results showed that acute nicotine withdrawal substantially increases agitation (64 per cent smokers vs 32 per cent non-smokers) and the number of the tracheal tube and intravenous line displacements caused by agitation in ICU patients (14 per cent smokers vs 3 per cent non-smokers).
Therefore, this study aims to determine the profit/loss ratio and the service costs in ICU based on the length of ICU stay.
(1) Delirium is common in critically ill patients, affecting 60 to 80 per cent of ICU patients who are mechanically ventilated, and 20 to 50 per cent of patients who are not.
We used a mixed-methods costing approach based on the availability of data for the ICUs under consideration.
A broad range of patients were admitted to the eight participating ICUs during the study period, from general medical cases to surgical cases.
The present study was one part of a comprehensive assessment of infection control practices in ICUs. The aim of the research was to explore the challenges with infection control experienced by hospital infection control managers and nursing and clinical managers of the ICUs.
Fungal infections are a main cause of mortality of critically ill patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (ICUs).
Intensive care units (ICUs) are an integral component of health services.
Remote monitoring capabilities, including using in-room video cameras and telemetry beds, are also finding a home in some ICUs. Cleveland Clinic developed an ICU telemedicine program, called eHospital, in 2014 to provide nocturnal monitoring.
The application and comparison of various scoring system like APACHE II, SAP and SOFA has been limited in the Pakistani ICUs. This study was designed for a public sector hospital with immense burden of patients in critical state having admitted to ICU so as to know the comparative efficacy of different scoring system for prognosis assessment.