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a hospital unit staffed and equipped to provide intensive care

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The official said that despite certain notifications from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Department to keep the faculty from administration positions, all the key seats in ICU were now occupied by faculty members.
ICU utilisation and outcomes for HIV-positive patients in poorly resourced settings, where access to both intensive care and HAART is limited, have not been widely studied.
Moreover, portable X-ray and portable Ultrasound facilities have been provided in the ICU.
The hospital, located near Tampa in central Florida, adds to the large, seven-state tele-ICU relationship between the Adventist Health System and Advanced ICU Care.
This acquisition provides ICU Medical with an enhanced global footprint and platform for continued competitiveness and long-term growth as well as has access to the full US infusion marketplace with a compelling product portfolio.
Conclusions: Our study showed that maximum HR less than100/minute during the first day of ICU is associated with decreased mortality in Intensive Care Unit.
Keywords: Critical illness, ICU, Outcome, SOFA scores.
Advanced ICU Care's tele-ICU service results in enhanced clinical and operational outcomes.
According to ICU Medical, as the only device that combines a pre-filled saline flush syringe and disinfection cap, SwabFlush is designed to help improve compliance with disinfection protocols.
The average duration of stay for patients shifted from an emergency service to any ICU was 419.
All registered nurses working in the selected ICUs and who were willing to participate and who had >4 months' experience in an ICU were included in the study.
Because of the severity of illnesses treated in intensive care units (ICUs) and the need for shared decision making when ICU patients are unable to express their own wishes, the ICU community in particular must attend to the experience not only of patients but also of family members (Kentish-Barnes, Lemiale, Chaize, Pochard, & Azoulay, 2009).
Naheed Elahi talked about critical care management at ICU in a Dubai Hospital.
25 October 2013 - US intravenous equipment specialist ICU Medical Inc (NASDAQ:ICUI) has terminated its sale after failing to find a buyer, Bloomberg reported citing two sources.