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a former independent federal agency that supervised and set rates for carriers that transported goods and people between states

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* Creates ICC profiles for CRT and flat panel computer displays.
"Most people have come to associate the phrase 'color management' quite narrowly with the use of ICC profiles to change color in digital files.
ColorSync, an Apple color engine, was the first implementation of the ICC profile format.
The quality of calibration and ICC profile generation has been increased.
Finally, an additional set of color patches are displayed and measured to build an ICC profile of the monitor.
Also integrated into Linocolor software is ICC Profile Editor, which enables users to adapt any ICC input, monitor, or output profile to devices using both LCH and CMYK corrections.
"The i1Photo Pro3 Plus builds on the success of the i1 Family and removes the variability to create accurate ICC profiles on a broader range of photographic materials." - Liz Quinlisk, Photo and Video Business Unit Manager, X-Rite Incorporated
There are some important enhancement also part of this release, such as Support to load PSD file created/updated using SAI software/editing tool has been incorporated, support to load PSD file created/updated using GIMP2 software/editing tool has been incorporated, converting Djvu to PDF has been improved, Process of converting Djvu image pages to PNG has been improved, updating text in PSD text layers has been improved, ICC profiles for Jpeg2000 images have been implemented, Process of rotate operation on raster image has been improved, Process of converting TIFF to JPEG has been improved and Process of extracting frames from a TIFF file has been improved.
"In addition to the Wasatch, the other software that comes with the SurePress has been a great plus to us since it has allowed us to work with ICC profiles, which helps us manage color.
Features and enhancements include: Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) support: Windows 8 support; optimized microscopy with auto-brightness function; live image overlay module; enhanced auto-exposure image types; enhanced ICC profiles for new cameras; and added macro and custom dialog functions.