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a United Nations agency created to assist developing nations by loans guaranteed by member governments

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Fitch identified that the original 'AAA' ratings of the catastrophe-linked notes were not reflective of their insurance-linked characteristics, which can involve a principal reduction, and that they had been rated based on an assumption that their credit quality was aligned with that of IBRD.
Therefore the question of suspension of IBRD support does not arise at this point in time.
Power Distribution Line (estimated total cost US$35 million, 100% IBRD financing)
The remaining capital, also known as callable capital, will not be drawn by the IBRD except in an emergency.
The IBRD is very strong in terms of Moody's capital adequacy measures.
World Bank Country Partnership Strategy 2010-13 detailed report highlighted that maintenance of a sound macroeconomic framework (characterized by reserves equal to at least three months of next year's imports of goods and services and a stable or declining government debt to GDP ratio) would be required for any IBRD lending.
The Vice President of the World Bank has positively responded to Sri Lanka s request to obtain IBRD funds.
Since the dismantling of the Iron Curtain, the Bretton Woods institutions,(9) collectively the IBRD and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), like other organs of the United Nations system, have realized enhanced freedom of action, no longer encumbered by the bipolar geopolitical framework of the Cold War.
In infrastructure, IFC working in close collaboration with the IBRD was able to mobilize funds and assist in attracting private investment.
The Indian government had it over a barrel--a default would put 15% of the World Bank's entire portfolio in the limbo of non-accrual status, threatening the IBRD with its first annual loss.
The IBRD also occupies an additional 61,000 square feet in the building which expires February 28, 2014.
A loan-seeking country should have official foreign currency reserves equivalent to three months of import bill to qualify for IBRD loans.
WB Country Director said Pakistan had already qualified for IBRD funding due to its remarkable economic performance and it was important now to open financing as soon as possible and identify projects for the process.
The maturity period of the IBRD loan is 25 years, including 5-year grace period.
IBRD mandated Barclays (LON:BARC), Deutsche Bank (ETR:DBK) and RBC Capital Markets to lead the issue.