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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Seven percent of the responding libraries report having an IBM or IBM-compatible PC used at least occasionally to run CAD software.
Based on the National Semiconductor 32032 32-bit microcomputer, the new $20,000 multifunction workstation can operate as a terminal on Intergraph's standard system, while providing a UNIX environment for third-party software and MS-DOS capability for IBM-compatible PC applications.
SPC is available and IBM-compatible PC captures MIS data and links to plantwide network systems of all types.
High Performance Management is available immediately for both the IBM-compatible PC (486 or higher) and Macintosh (68040 or higher) with 12 MB of RAM highly recommended.
AIM controller, in combination with ACM communication module (ASM for SPI protocol) interfaces with up to 99 controllers through a terminal or IBM-compatible PC. The 1/16-DIN XT16 panel controller has dual display, four configurable outputs, and optional digital communication.
USA Today recommends that subscribers use an IBM-compatible PC with a 486 or better processor and a 14,400 bps modem.
DARTnet links up to 255 DART-1000 single-channel data-acquisition modules (each monitoring a single parameter on a single machine) to a remote IBM-compatible PC. The overview screen shows production status by mold and machine number, indicating "start-up," "running," and "down." Good and bad part counts, cycle counts, parts left to complete the job, standard cycle, and actual cycle of the last shot are displayed, as are waveform profiles, peaks, fill times, cycle times, areas under the curves, and trend data for each input variable.
It costs $1995 and requires an IBM-compatible PC with at least 512 K of free RAM, one floppy disk drive, and one hard disk drive.
The Indy workstation takes its place at the low end of Silicon Graphics' product line and is intended to compete with IBM-compatible PC and Apple Macintosh systems.
Experimental work with a three-axis winder and an IBM-compatible PC included development of techniques to control the deviation of the B-spline interpolated path from the desired payout-eye path.
The PenExec is an IBM-compatible PC with an Intel 80386SL 25-MHz microprocessor that uses pen technology from Grid Systems Corp.
With Chemical PatentImages, any IBM-compatible PC equipped with a CD-ROM drive can be used to find, view and print chemical patents virtually instantly.
Individual RC1000 units can be set up by the software, which runs on any IBM-compatible PC.
Philip Gong, component test engineer at the Isuzu Technical Center of America (Plymouth, Mich.), said routine tests can be configured quickly and easily on an IBM-compatible PC fitted with a 16-channel data-acquisition board.
Seven new integrated test programs have been developed for the unit, which includes an IBM-compatible PC. The entire system is priced between $60,000 to $200,000, depending on the configuration.