intelligence quotient

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a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test

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This is what made me reconsider the accuracy of the standardized I.Q. test for students on the autistic spectrum.
A student can be diagnosed with and treated for autism without having a traditional I.Q. test. Schools should make decisions about classroom placement using more than just a student's I.Q.
There is no need to rely on such questionable means as I.Q. tests to establish the intellectual superiority of one group over another, Mr.
Social trends such as the "medicalization" of the causes of disabilities, "scientific racism" based upon I.Q. tests, and the movement toward integration in all schools are also weighed regarding their effects upon early and latter-day 20th century programs.
The sign-language-using female gorilla Koko has taken human I.Q. tests and scored variously from 71 to 91.7, which means that she is smarter than some people we could name.