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Synonyms for I.D.

a card or badge used to identify the bearer


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This electric vehicle called the "I.D. Buggy" will be unveiled at the 2019 International Geneva Motor Show in March, and VW released the first images of the machine.
The CSC said examinees may also present the following valid I.D. cards:
This new business unit will operate as I.D. Systems' PowerFleet division that focuses on the delivery of industrial truck management systems (ITMS).
I.D. Neo has been hinted as the name for Volkswagen's first electric hatchback.
Like I.D. Images, Superior sells exclusively to independent distributors.
The I.D. advocates, by contrast, come across as adept communicators.
On Independence Day 2002, multi-millionaire libertarian activist John Gilmore was forbidden to board a flight from either San Francisco or Oakland to Washington, D.C., when he refused to display a photo I.D. Gilmore, co-founder of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, filed a federal lawsuit challenging federal guidelines behind the widespread airline industry practice of demanding I.D.
InductaMetals LP in Chicago is so confident of the wear resistance of its IDM-Ultramax barrels that it is offering customers a lifetime guarantee, which the company says is the first ever for such products in the plastics industry, For injection molders, the firm guarantees that an IDM-Ultramax barrel with I.D. less than 100 mm will not wear more than 0.010 in.
I.D. Systems (IDSY) and Avis Budget (CAR) have executed a new purchase agreement to deploy 75,000 additional units of I.D.
100, Revised September 2016, downloadable from the CSC website); 2) four (4) pieces of recently taken (not more than three months ago) passport sized (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) I.D. pictures in white background, showing the applicant's bare face (without eye glasses or any accessory that may cover facial features), and with handwritten name tag legibly showing the applicant's signature over printed full name; 3) original and photocopy of any of the following valid I.D.
Volkswagen's classic Microbus will be making a comeback in the 21st century as a new electric vehicle called the I.D. Buzz.
Veteran music producer No I.D. furthered his mark in the hip-hop world after producing Jay Z's new album, 4:44.
I.D. Images, a pressure sensitive label converter based in Brunswick, OH, USA, has been chosen as a 2015 NEO Success Awards winner.