I Corinthians

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a New Testament book containing the first epistle from Saint Paul to the church at Corinth

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Therefore, a rhetorical analysis of the text of I Corinthians will help identify an |interaction between the symbolic language of the text and the thought and behavior of individuals within the social structure' (p.
The work as a whole provides very valuable material for anyone looking at I Corinthians, but also for all who are more generally interested in Paul's eschatology.
Adams' study of Paul's cosmological language in I Corinthians builds on previous scholarship which analyzed the Greco-Roman social milieu of the community Paul founded there.
Whatever our status, i Corinthians 6 emphasizes living out sexuality under the umbrella of relationships to God and to the Christian community.
According to her, Paul's citation of Scripture in a letter like I Corinthians indicates that "Moses" still functions as a prime source of authority for Paul and his readers, so in this respect both the synagogue and the Pauline assemblies share structural similarities with philosophical movements.