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Synonyms for blindness

the condition of not being able to see

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Synonyms for blindness

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Since the relevant sources are missing a factual consideration of Hitler's stay at Pasewalk military hospital, we are inevitably led to the conclusion that the issue of his alleged hysterical blindness simply cannot be resolved.
She starred in her hubby's truly diabolical shipwreck flick Swept Away (many fans contracted hysterical blindness), recorded some terrible songs (Pink Elephants And Lemonade anyone?) and got bogged down in all that Kabbalah malarky (although, any belief-system Ashton Kutcher says is OK is fine by me).Most bafflingly, she's forsaken her exciting Noo Yawk cool for a cloth cap-wearing nouveauaristo lifestyle in Berkshire with an ex-public school boy who thinks a fewkarate lessons makes him an authority on Cockney gangsters.
Nobody would dare testify against Lucas; it's easy to imagine one witness after another telling the cops that at the exact moment of the shooting they'd succumbed to a mysterious case of hysterical blindness. As Lucas tells a detective later on, "I've taken care of Harlem, and Harlem takes care of me."
After earning her degree in sociology, she began making films, which have won such accolades as the Camera D'Or at Cannes (Salaam Bombay!) and a Golden Globe (Hysterical Blindness).
In the first deal since uber-producer Scott Rudin departed for Disney, indie vet Jason Blum--who produced the Emmy nommed "Hysterical Blindness"--signed a first-look producing pact with the studio.
He often has sudden episodes of hysterical blindness, and prides himself on always knowing which color is in for each season of the year.
The other film of hers released last year, Hysterical Blindness, was made in her home and backyard in New Jersey.
Actress, Mini Series or MMT: Uma Thurman, Hysterical Blindness
The Perez Family, however, was about a Cuban family, and Nair's next movie, Hysterical Blindness, will be a purely American story.
During that period Coco wrote extensively about astronomical topics, but he also did an insightful piece on a little-known tragedy of the war in Cambodia: hysterical blindness among women who had witnessed atrocities.