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the lagging of an effect behind its cause

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In the context of human information processing, the term hysteresis effect refers to the shape of task performance curves plotted against the task demand.
Slide values are well predicted by G" at higher strain and temperature only for surface H, for the smooth granite surface the elastohydrodynamic effects become important and tend to eliminate the hysteresis effect.
III is expanded with employment changes the insider hysteresis effect is still insignificant.
The 1981-82 recession resulted in a general rise in the replacement rate, again pushing up the NAIRU via hysteresis effects (see below).
In addition, the authors assume that current output levels can have an effect on future potential output, and thus on actual future output during supply-determined times--a hysteresis effect. Olivier Blanchard and Summers (1986) first introduced the idea of hysteresis effects in the context of lingering high unemployment in Europe, and they appealed to an insideroutsider theory of labor markets to motivate the idea.
In both cases, the size of the hysteresis effect decreases with increasing temperature.
In the remainder of this article we evaluate the importance of hysteresis effects on the FEER as they arise through the debt service consequences of misalignment.(4) That there are hysteresis effects of this kind is not in dispute; our aim is to provide a sense of their empirical significance.
We can see that this hysteresis effect depends entirely on the direction of movement of the triple line and thus the overall effect is rather similar to the static hysteresis of rubber adhesion in which apparent adhesion is directly related to the direction of motion of the "crack front." The wetting case is perfectly symmetrical in that if [Epsilon] were to take on a negative value, the protuberance shown in figure 4b would become an indentation on the triple line and the directions of motion corresponding to straight and deformed triple lines would be inversed (i.e.
They demonstrated the integration of van der waal heterostructures and reported a large hysteresis effect by constructing graphene-tungsten disulfide heterostructure (GWH).
In the present study, we found that different pollutants (PM[sub]2.5, PM[sub]10, CO, NO[sub]2, and SO[sub]2) had hysteresis effects on hospital admissions in adult asthma patients using regression analysis.
The hysteresis effect is more visible for lower SoC values, as a higher relaxation time is required for the battery to achieve chemical equilibrium.
Sharma, "Nonlinear visco-elastic behavior of sedimentary rocks, part II: hysteresis effect and influence of type of fluid on elastic moduli," Geophysics, vol.
Keywords Vertical integration * Human capital investment * Technological investment * Hysteresis effect * Multinational corporation * Foriegn subsidiary divestment