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a line generated by a point on a circle that rolls around inside another circle

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Digital mathematics: Rolling hypocycloids and epicycloids.
If it is rolling inside another one we call it the hypocycloid.
The carcass has the bore in the form of hypocycloid (Carmo, 1976; Teodorescu & Teodorescu, 1975), with 2 lobes.
The hypocycloid is the curve described by the point [V.
In the case of the complex surfaces, (Sandu & Strajescu, 2007), (Strajescu & Sandu, 2006), (Sandu & Strajescu 2006), the curves G and D have a complex geometrical form, namely different than the circle or the right line (epicycloids, hypocycloid, involutes, circular helix etc.
that represent the parametric equations of the hypocycloid.
With this cinematic solution the tip of the tool describes a hypocycloid curve.
The aspects related to the hypocycloid curves are wide presented in literature such as Mathematics at a glance (1980) and can be summarized as:
The carcass has the bore in the form of hypocycloid (Aubin, 1976 and Libeskind, 2008), with 2 lobes.