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a state that resembles sleep but that is induced by suggestion

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Coue shared the theoretical position that Hudson had expressed in his Law of Psychic Phenomena (1893)--a significant and important work based upon Hudson's extensive study of hypnotic phenomena, the hypnotic state, and mental therapeutics (which had greatly influenced the representations featured in the American correspondence course)--that our "mental organization" was such that it seemed as if we had "two minds, each endowed with separate and distinct attributes and powers; [with] each capable, under certain conditions, of independent action" (p.
When the hypnotist was unexpectedly called away, participants who were simulating hypnosis immediately gave up their act, whereas the hypnotized participants continued considerably longer in what seemed to be an oblivious hypnotic state.
When they remain unstimulated, patients returned to a hypnotic state.
You also go into a hypnotic state right before you fall asleep at night and as you wake up in the morning.
There's no definitive explanation for exactly how and why it works, and experts debate what's involved when you are in a hypnotic state.
In fact, behaviors within the hypnotic state and waking are almost indistinguishable except the deep relaxation.
At the end of each session, they were told they would be able to recreate their hypnotic state by taking and holding a deep breath, as well as listening to an audiotape made from the sessions.
But now, an international team of researchers from University of Skovde (Sweden), University of Turku (Finland) and Aalto University School of Science have provided strong evidence for the existence of a genuine hypnotic state.
We hope the audience is in this sort of hypnotic state, and the idea of having to leave that for a commercial break didn't really work for this concept.
As early as 2005, when the 1-year-old site had reached 5 million members, college students were referring to the "Facebook trance," wherein users who were logged in could be seen in a quasi hypnotic state as they dug deeper into the pages.
In Light Asylum's rehearsal space--a triangle-shaped nook in Brooklyn--as they run through a set, Coviello's suspended in a nearly hypnotic state as he plays his synth parts (the band doesn't touch computers), while Funchess' voice (and dance moves) threatens to knock down the walls of the tiny room.
But first, one must induce a hypnotic state, and psychotherapist George Gafner hopes to help others of his trade with many techniques he has found quite effective in the matter.
not unconscious or asleep," and people can leave the hypnotic state at any time they wish.
I know, though, that the punter is mesmerised, and there is really nothing the independent can do to pull him out of his hypnotic state.
Then, the client is induced into the hypnotic state by means of the hypnotic induction, and the hypnotic state is deepened.