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(Greek mythology) the Greek god of sleep

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It's really something of a misnomer; it comes from hypnos, the Greek word for sleep.
The Children of Night" analyzes the text in regard to mythic Time and such figures as Morpheus, Thanatos, and Hypnos.
In Greek mythology, Morpheus, the son of Hypnos (Sleep), was a dream-god who made human shapes appear to dreamers.
I have a protein shot or Hypnos, a powder that turns into a mousse like Angel Delight, so it feels like pudding.
At the Hotel Show, bed manufactuer Hypnos, which holds a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II, presented a new innovative mattress material called eOlus fibre, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and acts as a substitute for synthetic foam.
But there was also detailed investigation of the processes used at Premier Inns' bed supplier, Hypnos, which Graham says was just as enthusiastic about the exercise, and some delving into its sub-suppliers too.
These include companies as diverse as ABB, Pedro Y Lopez, Axminster Carpets, King Koil, Serta, Renarte, ADA Cosmetics International GmbH, Systemfiltration, Interel, Technogym, Hypnos and Headline Technology Sponsor, Etisalat.
Elegant and light, each room has a luxurious Hypnos bed and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.
This carved marble speaks eloquently of the overlapping spheres of sleep and desire revealed by Greek poets when they describe the limb-loosening effects of Thanatos (the personification of death), Hypnos (sleep) and Eros (love/desire).
Promete darle nada menos que una de las Gracias, a la que Hypnos siempre ha querido poseer.
He makes a comparison (indicated by "telle") between "resistance" and "cette nuit," and between "esperance" and "demain," with the moon of Hypnos as the connecting point between them.
II ne faut pas oublier le symbolisme que revet une telle disposition issue de la mythologie grecque ; << Hypnos >> amplifie le sens sacre de la << mort-sommeil >>.
The historic Grade-II listed building provides guests with a self-service Continental breakfast, along with Hypnos beds, free internet access and i-Pod stations.
Upstairs, the beautifully -designed rooms are pure luxury, with Hypnos beds, linen sheets, flat-screen TVs and walk-in showers equipped with all the best toiletries.
Based loosely on the Hypnos concept car, it uses the same platform as the Citroen C6 and Peugeot 407.