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With respect to the aquaporin superfamily, seven classes (aqp01, -3L, -4, -8, -10L, -12, and -14) have been identified in the genomes of lampreys (Hyperoartia), which are extant representatives of jawless vertebrates (Agnatha).
Although further studies will need to examine whether an aqp0-like ortholog exists in hagfishes (Hyperotreti), the expression of the aqp01 gene in the eye of the sea lamprey (Petromyzoti marinus) is consistent with the evolution of multifocal lenses in Hyperoartia after the lineage diverged from Hyperotreti (Gustafsson et al., 2008).
The two main taxonomic groups of agnathan or cyclostome fish are Hyperoartia, lampreys and Hyperotreti, and hagfish (for a review of agnathan ion and water homeostasis see Karnaky, 1998; Evans and Claiborne, 2009).