Hypericum calycinum

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creeping evergreen shrub with bright yellow star-shaped summer flowers

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2 BEST GROUND-COVER Hypericum calycinum. Commonly called Rose of Sharon, it is a tough, fast-growing, drought-tolerant beauty.
Aelod arall o'r teulu ydi rhosyn Saron (Hypericum calycinum; Rose-of-Sharon) ac mae hwn eto hefo sawl enw Cymraeg gan gynnwys barf Aaron ac eurinllys blodeufawr.
humilis, Mahonia repens, Gaultheria procumbens, Hypericum calycinum, many hebes including Hebe pinguifolia, Euonymus fortunei cultivars such as "Emerald 'N' Gold", "Emerald Gaiety"
Hypericum calycinum, the familiar Rose of Sharon, is an evergreen that grows 45cm (18in) tall, spread by runners and makes good groundcover, even in shade, though it can become too invasive in small areas.
Decosterd LA, Hoffmann E, Kyburz R, Bray D, Hostettmann K (1991) A new phloroglucinol derivative from Hypericum calycinum with antifungal and in vitro antimalarial activity.
The objective of this study was to show the effect of the herbal extracts, Hypericum perforatum cv anthos (HPA) and Hypericum calycinum (HC) on cultured BT549 cancer cells.