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Synonyms for hymn

song of praise


Synonyms for hymn

a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation)

sing a hymn

Related Words

praise by singing a hymn

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The drive to extend the capacity of discernment and to figure that extension in a suitably unhindered poetic form characterizes the Romantic odist, Curran suggests, whereas the Romantic hymnist aims for complete absorption in his object of praise.
Johnston manages not only to catch the luminously phosphorescent yellow-green allure of Jacobsen's land/sea spirit of seduction but also to give an amazingly masterful translation of the novel's quotations of a baroque religious poem by the incomparable Danish hymnist and poet Thomas Kingo (1634-1703).
In this second series, Ffion looks at the lives of a number of women including one of Wales's leading suffragettes, Margaret Haig Thomas, the artist Gwen John, hymnist Ann Griffiths, eccentric business woman Amy Dillwyn and musician Grace Williams.
We also look at more familiar stories from a different angle, such as hymnist Ann Griffiths' life story.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Religious Poetics: Congregationalist Models of Hymnist and Preacher.
Another essay appearing in a subsequent issue of VP this year, Karen Dieleman's "Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Religious Poetics: Congregationalist Models of Hymnist and Preacher" (VP 45 [2007]: 135-157), similarly extends the range of works examined by critics by including a discussion of EBB's hymns (in particular, "The Measure") along with its consideration of works such as "The Seraphim," "A Drama of Exile," and Aurora Leigh.
The initial letters of each verse constitute a belligerent acrostic that is unlikely to be accidental; the Byzantine hymnist Romanos the Melode (6th century) also employed acrostic devices.
Teacher, monk, hymnist, and poet who until about 1941 was regarded as the author of Waltharius, a celebrated Latin heroic poem based on the life of King Walter of Aquitaine.
Tiruvannamalai, in the North Arcot District of Tamilnadu State, has been a sacred place since the seventh century when it was celebrated by the Saivite hymnist saints Appar and Nanacampantar.
Prys Edwards from Aberystwyth is the guardian of an old chest that was once owned by the famous hymnist David Charles and Rob Lewis from Rhayader talked to us about the inheritance of a successful family as well as the lost inheritance of the Elan Valley.
The Choir will join Betsan Lewis on stage to sing Rwy''n Dy Weld Yn Sefyll - I See You Standing There - a song of great relevance to the family who are descendants of hymnist Ann Griffiths, who composed the original song.
Barrett's posturing as a hymnist even raised the possibility that her hymns might be viewed as public property: the hymn was (is) often changed by editors and compilers to suit their own or their congregation's preferences while the name of the hymnist is forgotten or pushed to an index of authors.
From the Llanfair on the Hill" the burial place of the Methodist revivalist and hymnist Williams Pantycelyn, "or Llanfair Mathafarn," the Anglesey abode of his eighteenth-century contemporary, the dissolute poetic genius Goronwy Owen, "blow him to the synagogue or blow him to the tavern" (my own translation).