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a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative)

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At lower pH (acidic pH), the adsorbent surface will be completely covered with hydronium ions which compete strongly with metal ions for adsorption sites.
Monochloramine + Oxidized Site on the Activated Carbon Surface + Water [right arrow] Nitrogen + Hydronium Ion + Chloride Ion + Activated Carbon Surface
You are more likely see the hydronium ion represented as [H.
Moreover, certain quantum mechanical effects that influence a hydroxide ion's movement have significantly less effect on a hydronium ion in water, says Tuckerman.
The pH determination tells the presence of the dissociated hydronium ion.
4) the transition elements are eluted to the detector via nitric acid; during this process, the resin is converted to the hydronium ion form;
In the second, a water molecule picks up a proton, creating a hydronium ion (H3O+).
The main chemical reaction on the anode is water oxidation that leads to formation of the hydronium ions and oxygen: