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Synonyms for plaster

Synonyms for plaster

to spread with a greasy, sticky, or dirty substance

Synonyms for plaster

any of several gypsum cements

a medical dressing consisting of a soft heated mass of meal or clay that is spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat inflamed areas or improve circulation etc

a surface of hardened plaster (as on a wall or ceiling)

adhesive tape used in dressing wounds

apply a heavy coat to

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cover conspicuously or thickly, as by pasting something on


Related Words

affix conspicuously

apply a plaster cast to

Related Words

dress by covering with a therapeutic substance

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Young, black and paraplegic - by contrast, Kley describes herself as ``an old Jewish woman from New York'' - her model sat for a number of Hydrocal portraits, which lately she's been decorating with bright pastels, giving him red lipstick and a fright wig.
The 100,000-square-foot complex houses woodworking, ceramic production, automated hydrocal production, and paint and custom- finishing facilities that expand its production capacity in the effort to reduce lead times.
The couch as artifact of the everyday is once again the theme in Couple, 2010, shown at Derek Eller; it sags deeply under the weight of a hulking Hydrocal plaster duo connected from the necks down, like Siamese twins.
The foremost attraction were Hydrocal casts of the Carpenter Center mounted on wooden prostheses.
In the past five years, Emess shifted its product line from almost all domestic hydrocal and iron production to an assortment of imported brass, metal, glass and ceramic lamps, torchieres and desk lamps from the Far East.
On its top, closely spaced around the edge, a gathering of women in white, each maybe three inches high, sit on stools wrapped in braided rope, the ensemble being cast in Hydrocal.
Driving the business this market are new finishes that match leading furniture designs; a broader line that includes crystal and brass; a new hurricane lamp program; trend-right designs in hydrocal and polyresin under the Elite, Mastercraft and J.
Most are smooth white rectangular slabs of Hydrocal or wallboard that, from a distance, exude a minimalist purity.
In another 100,000-square-foot plant, hydrocal is poured to make intricate table and floor lamps for both Alsy Lighting and Cresswell Lighting lines.
Full coordinated collections -- incorporating wrought iron and wood, iron and hydrocal, and other materials -- continue to gain retail placement and perform under both lines, executives said.
Isolated from broader land- or seascape contexts, and supported by wall mounts and stands, her boulder-spotted pools and torrents, cast in polyurethane and, in one instance, Hydrocal (a high-density plaster) over steel armatures, seem to hover in space as if time had stopped and the rest of the world had fallen away.
Suppliers have substituted resin components for zinc castings, hydrocal, wood and other materials in their lamp bases, chandelier arms and back plates, for example, to keep costs down.
Alsy will unveil lamps under the Barbie and Coke licenses, a strong hydrocal program with many new finishes, relief work, and a competitive promotional hydrocal package for under $20, retail.
Emess Lighting, too, has evolved from a domestic manufacturer of hydrocal lamps just five years ago to a major importer of lamps in a variety of materials -- as well as a supplier of furniture and now mirrors.
Alsy has expanded its domestic hydrocal lamp presentation with several models featuring intricate relief details and finishes, and an aggressive promotional program of color-infused "tuff-cal" table lamps, to retail for $19.