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Panicle hydrangeas can be found on campus in front of Faner Hall and around town thanks to gardeners who have caught on to their hardiness to winter and urban conditions, as well as their low maintenance.
QI have a hydrangea plant that I brought up as a cutting from Bristol to the Highlands in Scotland over 13 years ago!
Hydrangeas are an undervalued, no-nonsense shrub and hopefully this one will bring them back into favour with gardeners and florists alike.
Hydrangeas like cool, moist, welldrained soil to prevent the big leaves wilting, so find them a sheltered spot that is ideally in dappled shade.
All beautiful gardens are gardens of inspiration and evoke a touch of nostalgia, and a garden abloom with old-fashioned hydrangeas is truly a walk down memory lane.
MY FAVOURITE garden anywhere is one planted solely with hydrangeas. It's both a garden and a road - the famous crooked, curvy Lombard Street in San Francisco, US - and for much of the summer it delights residents and tourists alike with its bright display of shrubby flowers behind curved sloping box borders.
I love hydrangeas and grow them in my garden, but don't know much about them.
Some gardeners, with some varieties of hydrangeas, have had good results by using acid-based fertilizers like those recommended for hollies.
FEARS have been raised that drug dealers in Wales could copy a dangerous French craze for smoking hydrangeas to get high.
Heavenly Hydrangeas: A Practical Guide for the Home Gardener is for any home gardener who wants an in-depth focus on the hydrangea, and comes packed with color photo examples throughout as it discusses basic selection, planting, care and cultivation, and propagation.
Summary: Madonna has uploaded a funny video to YouTube in reponse to criticism she faced after saying she does not like hydrangeas.
And I'm sure there is no danger of the poor, unsuspecting chap who handed you a bouquet of hated hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival re-offending...
The 53-year-old singer was presented with a bouquet of hydrangeas just before a recent press conference for her directorial debut 'W.E' at the Film Festival.