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Contort petals occur in Philadelphus of Hydrangeaceae (de Candolle, 1827; Eichler, 1878).
Region Hydrangea Hydrangeaceae Eurasia macrophylla (Thunb.) Ser.
Begoniaceae 18 Gardenia jasminoides Rubiaceae 19 Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangeaceae 20 Plumbago auriculata Plumbaginaceae 19 Hamelia patens Rubiaceae 17 Crinum sp.
Chang 1/1 1 Distyliopsis Endress I/4 6 Hydrangeaceae, Asterids Dichroa Lour.
Although initially Tylerianthus was described as having affinities with the Hydrangeaceae or the Saxifragaceae, the authors indicate that cladistic analyses placed it as sister to Hydrangeaceae.
costatus, were originally described as belonging to the Saxifragalean complex and compared to Hydrangeaceae, Vahliaceae, Escalloniaceae and Saxifragaceae (Friis & Skarby, 1982; Friis, 1984).
A phylogenetic analysis of Hydrangeaceae based on sequences of the plastid gene marK and their combination with rbcL and morphological data.
[141], Caryophyllaceae [141], Hydrangeaceae [108], Iridaceae
150], Hydrangeaceae [108], Iridaceae [178], Magnoliaceae
undulatas Fowler & Turner [151] CHLORANTHALES Chloranthaceae Chloranthus spicatus [251] COMMELINALES Commelinaceae Cochliostema odoratissima [121] CORNALES Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus coronarius L.
20 Jul 1943.--Type: Hydrangea L.; Hydrangeaceae Dumort., 1829.
In the large structural study on Rosidae by Hufford (1992), several new results came out that were later confirmed by molecular studies, such as nonmonophyly of hamamelids, the close relationships of Loasaceae and Hydrangeaceae, and the position of Sarraceniaceae in asterids.
The Hydrangeaceae, which seems to have had a common origin with the Escalloniaceae (Takhtajan, 1983), has opposite rather than alternate leaves.