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Synonyms for Hydra

(Greek mythology) monster with nine heads

a long faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near the equator stretching between Virgo and Cancer


trouble that cannot be overcome by a single effort because of its many aspects or its persistent and pervasive quality

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small tubular solitary freshwater hydrozoan polyp

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Madame Hydra, also known as Viper, is a big fan of poison.
MGI's Hydra proved so much fun as a pistol I'm going to register it as a Short Barrel Rifle.
Mohamad Al Habech , Chief Commercial Officer of Hydra Properties, said, "Nowadays, the ability to offer a complete and comprehensive customer journey complemented with 'All-in-Living' elements is more crucial than ever.
It will also manage community facilities at Hydra Avenue on an ongoing basis.
This comes at a perfect time where the Abu Dhabi real estate market has seen substantial increase in prices in different areas, which highlights diversification of demand in combination with the new government strategy for public sector employees," said Mohammad Al Habech, chief commercial officer of Hydra Properties.
considerably, however the firm has now managed to deliver two of the ten zones planned at Hydra Village.
We successfully implemented an aggressive consolidation strategy, re-allocating customers from underperforming and risky projects into projects that have shown strength, such as Hydra Village.
In a Press release, Ali Saeed bin Sulayem, chief executive officer of Hydra Properties, said: "We have worked quietly but steadily over the past four years to fulfil our pledge to deliver these wonderful homes to our customers.
Bacteria in Hydra (predominantly Proteobacteria) are specific for any given species, indicating that the Hydra epithelium actively selects and shapes its bacterial community (Fraune and Bosch, 2007, 2010) and that these stably associated microbes not only play an important role in the lives of their polyp hosts but also are important in their evolution (Bosch, 2012).
Work is on schedule for the planned completion date of the end of 2011 for the towers, said a Hydra Properties statement.
Hydra properties fortifies sales campaign with appointment of VIP sales manager
IN Greek mythology it was a multi-headed monster to be feared - but the modern-day Hydra could now prove to be a major money-saving technological boon to schools and universities across Wales.
DUBAI: Abu Dhabi-based private developer Hydra Properties plans to tap the debt markets to finance expansion plans that include real estate projects from Eastern Europe to Mexico, its chief executive officer said.
Dubai-based Hydra Properties and Noor Islamic Bank are to start a collaborative venture.
Only four species of Hydra (Class Hydrozoa, Subclass Anthomedusae, Family Hydridae) are known in Brazil: Hydra viridissima Pallas, 1766 (Cordero, 1939; Wolle, 1978), Hydra iheringi Cordero, 1939 (Cordero, 1939), Hydra intermedia Wolle, 1978 (Wolle, 1978) and Hydra salmacidis Silveira, Gomes and Silva, 1997 (Silveira et al.