hydatidiform mole

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an abnormality during pregnancy

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Hydatiform mole results from an aberrant fertilization process.
Pathologically, hydatiform mole is composed of abnormally proliferating syncytiotrophoblastic and cytotrophoblastic cells resulting in generalized swelling of chorionic villi.
Most of the patients are pregnant, have been previously pregnant, or have a known history of hydatiform mole or choriocarcinoma.
Eighty nine of them with Complete Hydatiform Mole (CHM) diagnosis and six of them with Partial Hydatiform Mole (PHM).
(1) An invasive molar gestation is a variation of a hydatiform mole where the hydropic villi invade the uterine wall or blood vessels and develops only after uterine evacuation of a molar pregnancy.
Hydatiform moles were seen in 11(1.25%) and ectopic gestations in 5(0.57%) cases.