domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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emergent trend of husband abuse needs to be attended to--the findings of
claims of husband abuse run parallel to the feminist pedagogy that
articles on husband abuse using an online database in Canada.
draw attention to the subject of husband abuse and finally undermine the
Husband abuse constitutes an overall underreported crime
crime, the task of trying to substantiate a case of husband abuse is
Although these changes improved significantly the status of women, and civilised interpersonal relationships in dyadic systems, they also led to a feminisation of spouse abuse and of domestic violence in general, and to an invisibility of husband abuse.
In Australia, research on husband abuse has been systematically neglected.
Newspapers have often reported cases of husband abuse (Hartfield, 1995).
More vivid and convincing accounts of husband abuse have been shown in TV documentaries.
Many professionals and volunteers working in the area of wife abuse stated that they had come across many cases of husband abuse.
In contrast, a Mexican-American woman whose husband abuses her probably will want to file charges and to encourage police involvement.
Q MY husband abuses drugs and it is tearing our family apart.