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Synonyms for rifle

Synonyms for rifle

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This wasn't exactly complicated, but in a hunting rifle I still prefer a magazine easy to load from the top while it's still inside the rifle.
Riberio said: "We are facing genuine urban guerrillas with conventional weapons and hunting rifles.
the Finland-based manufacturer of world-class hunting rifles, noted that the Sako 75 is considered to be the very best bolt action rifle in the industry.
With prices in the $1,400 and up range (depending on the reticle and other features), it's a lot of scope for a hunting rifle.
The injured person was hit in the thorax, the official said, adding that the motive of the attacker, who was armed with a hunting rifle, was unclear.
His body was found the next day riddled with bird shot from a hunting rifle.
Another person was arrested for possession of hunting rifle without permit.
A shot from a hunting rifle was reported by a Paphos resident on Tuesday night although it left no damages, a police report said.
also fired two shots in the air from a hunting rifle.
Dad-of-four Blair McMaster, 39, shared the image along with one of him aiming a hunting rifle under which he comments: "We were hunting 'huns heads'.
The AB3 has the injection-molded polymer stock that we're used to seeing on this category of rifle and the light-contoured barrel common on most any hunting rifle.
Customers who had been putting off buying a hunting rifle decided it was time.
An attacker opened fire by a hunting rifle when the embassy guards opened fire at a car came closer to the embassy facility, followed by fire exchange which led to injuring one of the embassy guards, Anadolou News Agency reported.
The unidentified assailant riding in a black vehicle drove down the street of the Turkish embassy and opened fire on the embassy's premises with a hunting rifle.