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a member of a nomadic people who invaded Europe in the 4th century

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Lately though, on the advice of a friend, I began spending a little more time in the wheat--some of the fields I hunt are a half-mile across--and I began finding Huns right out in the middle of them.
A couple seasons ago, my friend Chuck and I were combing a hillside covered with junipers, which I normally avoid, since I almost never find Huns near them.
Of the European countries, Hungary has the most legends about the Huns and in these legends; they are the heroes, not the villains.
But, those who spent a long time among the Huns soon sang their praises, because they considered them a very hospitable people," she added.
The alternative was annihilation at the hands of the Huns. The Goths did not hesitate to agree to the Roman terms.
Twenty years after the events in the Balkans, the Goths and Vandals and other Germanic peoples were again pressing to the west, again probably being propelled by pressures from migrating Huns in the east.
From a distance all mature Huns look alike, but a close examination reveals distinctive dark-brown coloration on the breast feathers of the male, whereas the breast of the female is either a uniform gray in color or gray with just a hint of dark brown.
Most of the Huns I've taken home to dinner required a bit of walking.
To give just one example of how such sources might have deepened the author's understanding, Huy Due's Ben Thang Cube [The 'Winning Side] (New York: Osin Books, 2012) offers a wealth of information based on interviews with leading Vietnamese figures and is supported by primary documentation about the Socialist Republic of Vietnam's sponsorship of Hun Sen, explaining why he became its Khmer interlocutor of choice.
Hun Sen's Cambodia will find its audience of tourists, aid workers, and diplomats due to the topic's innate interest and the lively manner in which it is treated, but the work's main contribution to Southeast Asian scholarship may ultimately be that it reminds us of the need for a truly scholarly biography of Hun Sen.