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Synonyms for Hungarian

a native or inhabitant of Hungary

the official language of Hungary (also spoken in Rumania)


Related Words

relating to or characteristic of Hungary


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The Hungarian nation is a spiritually unified nation that transcends borders; all Hungarians are entitled to Hungarian citizenship no matter where in the world they live, and nobody can be discriminated against because of their citizenship, the Minister emphasised.
TAP) - A high-level Hungarian delegation is expected to take part in the International Conference on Investment to be hosted by Tunis, announced, Thursday, Hungarian Vice-Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen.
Unfortunately, Hungarians do not know much about the different Egyptian cities yet.
He concludes that "the Hungarians already had a horse breeding economy when they met the Turks" (p.
The political and public representatives of Hungarians from Romania are greatly concerned about the future of their culture and its relationship to the majority population from Hungary.
Businessman George Osztreicher, one of the first Hungarians to move to Wales in 1956, will open the first meeting.
Over 100 representatives of the Hungarian community in Macedonia attended later on that day a casual reception held at the University of Agriculture and Food Engineering sponsored by the Telecottage Association and the Hungarian Embassy in Skopje.
Hungarian businessmen wish to participate in the construction of the power line between Elbasan, Albania, and Bitola, Macedonia.
The Austrian monarchy skillfully manipulated the Croatians, Serbians and Romanians, making promises to the Hungarians (Magyars) one day and making conflicting promises to the Serbs and other groups the next.
Budapest, (SANA)-Under the title "At that Time, and Now, Hungarians at Marqab Castle", the 3rd Edition of Marqab Castle Exhibition opened at the Hungarian Photos Museum in Saint-Andre City.
Although many, if not the majority, of Hungarians expected foreign assistance--many wielded weapons in the expectation that they would not stand alone in fighting Soviet tanks--none would be forthcoming, in spite of the fact that the Eisenhower administration, at least in its propaganda, endorsed the rollback of communism in Eastern Europe.
The works are part of the holdings of the former Hungarian Reference Library of New York (HRL, 1937-1942), which housed various materials about Hungary and Hungarians.
In 2004, the authorities in Budapest signed agreements with Ukraine and Serbia to enable ethnic Hungarians living there to get five-year visas for Hungary.
The break-up of the dual monarchy, the loss of territories inhabited by ethnic Hungarians and the establishment of the short-lived Republic of Councils, all played major roles in shaping Hungarian cinema.
Hungarians became defenders of the Christian West and fought many freedom battles: The Hungarians traces their many achievements, their country's changing history, and how the Hungarians have survived as a people against al odds.
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