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a member of a nomadic people who invaded Europe in the 4th century

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'The situation is ripe as the Hun Sen regime is weak, so the people will topple his dictatorial rule.
Hun Sen has said that the remains of half of the 80 American soldiers who went missing in Cambodia during the war in neighboring Vietnam have been found.
In this election, Hun Sen and the CPP were determined to pull out all the stops to prevent the repetition of the humiliating episode of 2013.
It argues that the death of Senate President Chea Sim in June 2015, while receiving little attention from the outside world, (9) marked a major turning point in Cambodian politics, as his passing effectively removed the final limitations on Hun Sen's personal power from within the regime.
While Hun Sen while has always been notorious for his autocratic rule -- his official title is princely exalted supreme great commander of gloriously victorious troops -- and his use of force against anyone who defied him, his crackdown on the opposition, the media and civil society has escalated in the past year in the build up to elections in July.
Other pictures from the event showed the couple talking with Hun Sen.
CALLING Rangers fans "Huns" and Scots "Jocks" on TV and radio is not offensive.
Hun Sen's Cambodia will find its audience of tourists, aid workers, and diplomats due to the topic's innate interest and the lively manner in which it is treated, but the work's main contribution to Southeast Asian scholarship may ultimately be that it reminds us of the need for a truly scholarly biography of Hun Sen.
Meanwhile, Hun Sen warned that if he really passed away, opposition leaders might not survive because no one could control the armed forces.
An ongoing political crisis and China's apparent hedging on Hun Sen are behind this emerging geostrategic realignment.
Hun hunting is an aerobic sport for hunters, not shooters.
Analysts say Hun Sen, who has successfully outmaneuvered to his opponents to keep himself and his Cambodian People's Party in power over the past three decades, faces a changing political landscape in the wake of the disputed official results of the July 28 election that saw the CPP lose 22 seats in the 123-seat National Assembly.
Attila the Hun: Barbarian Terror and the Fall of the Roman Empire.
Responding to a question about the Hun's reported barbarism and savagery, Obrusanszky said, "Only the Western Roman chroniclers thought that.
The Hun is about twice the size of a bobwhite quail, just as good to eat, capable of flying about as fast, is just as difficult to hit, is more difficult to kill and sometimes holds quite nicely to a pointing dog.