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a member of a nomadic people who invaded Europe in the 4th century

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Meanwhile, Hun Sen warned that if he really passed away, opposition leaders might not survive because no one could control the armed forces.
Then, suddenly, my setter and his Brittany went on point, and when Chuck walked up to investigate, he saw Hun tracks in the snow.
Compared to the past, he said, the Cambodian masses are now "more knowledgeable, more critical, and no longer responsive to the carrot and stick policy" used by Hun Sen and the CPP to ensure social and political stability.
In a nationwide radio and television address, Hun Sen said the toll rose from slightly more than 90 Monday to 148 by Friday evening.
Today's announcement follows Hun Technology's commitment to launch Centurion2[R], the only Enterprise Management System known to guarantee 100% safety against cyber-attacks.
Nid yn unig dw'i wedi graddio o'r brifysgol ond dw'i hefyd wedi dechrau fy musnes fy hun.
Cambodia's political crisis turned violent yesterday, as strongman Prime Minister Mr Hun Sen launched a crackdown on his opponents, blaming them for a grenade attack on his home.
I don't think that simply saying, well, let's recognize Hun Sen, let's talk to him now that Vietnam has left, is an answer that will get the U.
During his hold on power since 1985, Hun Sen has solidified the CPP's position with near control of the Cambodian media, a divide-and-conquer meddling in the opposition camps, a full campaign war-chest and strong support from the grass roots won with a plethora of pork-barrel roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure.
Yap Hun Kok is now the Managing Director of Fimas Electronics Sdn Bhd.
Hun Sen first named Lee as an economic adviser in 2000, but only made it public after Lee was elected South Korean president in 2007.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong agreed Thursday to expand a human resource development program for Cambodia.
IRI) (OTCBB:IRIB) announced the resignation of CEO John Proulx and Vice President of Production Benny Hun.
Ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra left Cambodia on Tuesday after enjoying a warm welcome in the country by Prime Minister Hun Sen, his close friend.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday a big gap remains between the rich and the poor despite the end of the country's civil war.