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a cold ocean current that flows north along the Pacific Coast of South America before turning west

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The Humboldt Current extends along the Coast of Chile and Peru and its cold and nutrient-rich waters support one of the worlds largest fisheries, the Anchovy.
KEY WORDS: Sclerochronology, Bivalve, Humboldt Current System, Chile, Peru, El Nino Southern Oscillation, Coastal trapped waves, Upwelling
The Humboldt Current, Canary Current, Benguela Current, and California Current EBCSs are also considered to be individual LMEs.
From the many references in The Humboldt Current to "manly heroes," "masculine primitive ethos," "performances of manliness," "forbidden attraction," and "Rough Riders," are we supposed to intuit competing strategies of oral, anal, and genital organization?
But it is in the fertile Central Valley, with its temperate climate, influenced on the one hand by Andean breezes and on the other by the cold Humboldt current running along the coast, that much of the food and drink is produced for export.
Even though we were on the Equator, temperatures were mild and the ocean chilly during our July visit, thanks to the cooling Humboldt Current.
Coastal shelf areas and the likes of the Humboldt Current, the Patagonian Shelf, the Antarctic Polar Frontal Zone and the Benguela Current are also seen as important for albatrosses and petrels while breeding.
From the top of the steep slope, the view is magnificent, and numerous resorts have been built up there on the desert plateau to capture it--though curiously most of the houses have little direct contact with the sea, which is far below, unenticing, rough and rather cold because of the Humboldt current coming up from Antarctica.
Credit the Humboldt Current, the cold deep-sea stream that sweeps north from Antarctica for yielding a fishmonger's dream.
Modern species living along the shores of Peru are adapted to the cool waters of the Humboldt Current, which skirts the coastline.
Today, Humboldt's name is woven tightly into our geographical fabric: the index of a good atlas might list it some 25 times, referring not only to towns like Humboldt, Iowa, and Humboldt, South Dakota, but also to the Humboldt Mountains in China, Venezuela, and Nevada; the Humboldt Current off the coast of Peru; and even a Humboldt Glacier in Greenland.
Due to the Humboldt Current, which produces unusual climactic effects on Galapagos, the plantation is located 450 to 900 feet above sea level--equivalent to 3,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level on the mainland.
Project details : Humboldt Current flows, in general, from south to north along the coasts of Chile and Peru.
You may have thought that being on the coast, the plain would have an ample supply of rainfall, but the cold Humboldt current that wells up along the coast of Peru suppresses evaporation.
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