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German philologist noted for his studies of the relation between language and culture (1767-1835)

German naturalist who explored Central and South America and provided a comprehensive description of the physical universe (1769-1859)

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The Humboldt Foundation supports global researchers so they can focus on their work.
As a figure who stood at the forefront of this group, Alexander von Humboldt was reimagined by the East German cultural apparatus as a "spontaneous materialist," an educator of the masses who fought on the side of the oppressed worldwide.
En 1976 Saul Bellow (Canada, 1915-Estados Unidos, 2005) obtuvo el Premio Pulitzer por El legado de Humboldt (1975), y tres meses despues le fue otorgado el Premio Nobel de Literatura.
Leading food processor, Tyson Foods, will create more than 1,500 jobs and invest over $300 million in Humboldt, which represents Tysons biggest investment in Tennessee and the single largest investment in Gibson Countys history.
En texto adjunto se entrevista a la biografa Andrea Wulf, cuyo libro acaba de editar aqui Random House, quien define a Humboldt como pionero en el cambio climatico.
Though little remembered today outside of Germany, Wilhelm von Humboldt was an important Prussian statesman, thinker and scholar.
Alexander von Humboldt y sus tres acompanantes avanzaban en fila india y muy despacio.
By the 1820s, Humboldt had become the foremost scientist in Europe.
This section is intended to give readers "a sense of the extensive global network that Humboldt created and carefully nurtured during his lifetime .
STAFF at Dudley Zoo decided to serve up some-fin special when the tourist attraction's oldest Humboldt penguin celebrated his 23rd birthday.
A Cypriot physicist has been awarded one of the coveted Humboldt Research Awards conferred by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has announced that a new baby Humboldt Penguin was recently born on site.
Humboldt Utilities, a municipally owned utility servicing Humboldt, Tennessee, and the surrounding area with electric, gas, water and wastewater services, has chosen the Elster EnergyAxis AMI and grid performance management solution.
com)-- Humboldt County's one-stop shop for home brewing supplies has begun working with Eureka CA-based Strategic eMarketing to update its web design and make its online presence more accessible to aspiring brewers.
En la primera parte de este articulo, vimos como Alejandro de Humboldt se intereso por La geografia de las tierras americanas y las convulsiones sociales de las incipientes naciones de este continente.