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Synonyms for sexuality

sexual orientation


  • sexual orientation
  • sexual preference
  • leaning

Synonyms for sexuality

the quality or condition of being sensual

Synonyms for sexuality

the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles

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Changes such as these are reflected temporally in the content of human sexuality textbooks and lecture/discussion topics of instructors of these courses.
It is only about human sexuality. What is the problem?
In order to foster the sexual health promotion goals articulated in the Guidelines, it is essential that teachers have the preparation and support to provide accurate sexual health information, to address sexuality issues in a sensitive manner, and to effectively implement the human sexuality curriculum in their schools or other settings.
Surely it would be more edifying if the bishops first repented of their opposition to Church teaching on human sexuality, and then asked for money?
Human sexuality is not nearly as neat or tidy as we might have hoped, and our sexual appetites and behaviors do not fit into the cookie-cutter forms handed down from one generation to the next.
This open letter to Christians was written by participants in India's second study institute on human sexuality, meeting at Bangalore in September 2003.
She quotes a marvellous piece of Foucaultian pomposity in her conclusion: "The object, in short, is to define the regime of power-knowledge-pleasure that sustain the discourse on human sexuality in our part of the world.
The Rt Rev Peter Foster claims the activity reduces human sexuality to ``an animal level'' and he would oppose such premises wherever they sprung up.
The topic of human sexuality is as likely to make them hot under the collar (and other places) as it will any cross-section of the population.
If we do talk about God as the source of human sexuality positively construed, it's usually only a tamed, idealized, laundered sexuality.
Authentic human sexuality: An integrated Christian approach.
Dr William H Masters, one of the first and leading researchers in the field of human sexuality, has died from complications from Parkinson's disease.
We also believe that Roman Catholic regulations regarding contraception are out of touch with human sexuality (which can embrace pleasure without the intent to reproduce), and we think the biblical notions about adultery are absurd.
School health personnel recognize that human sexuality education proves most effective when offered within the context of comprehensive school health programs.
This edition of the textbook on human sexuality serves as a less expensive alternative to the fourth edition and is meant for students who lack a strong background in biology, such as those in psychology or sociology.
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