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Synonyms for health

Synonyms for health

the condition of being physically and mentally sound

Synonyms for health

a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease

the general condition of body and mind

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The Life Expectancy calculation on Human Health Watch will be initially based on two factors:
The current text was designed to bring awareness to the role that shortages or excesses of Ca and Mg have on human health and inspire further research on the topic.
Climate change is expected to impact human health in a number of ways, including heightening the risk of some vector-borne diseases, impacting water quality and increasing weather-related morbidity and mortality.
The Vatican's Pontifical Academy of the Sciences sponsored an October/November 2004 workshop on "Interactions between Global Change and Human Health" with the goal of identifying the connections and feedbacks by which socio-economic and bio-geophysical global change can affect human health (with a focus on infectious disease) and this collection of seventeen papers is the result.
The Commission is therefore sending Italy a first written warning and requesting information about the measures being taken to protect human health and the environment in the region.
One was the development of modern algebraic theories which, on the face of it, has no possible connection to human health.
More than 300 internationally renowned scientists with expertise in avian influenza attended the meeting, which featured sessions on ecology and epidemiology, pathogenesis, human health implications, diagnostics, control strategies including vaccination, and improvement of management tools.
The National Science Foundation's Division of Ocean Sciences and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences created four Centers for Oceans and Human Health (COHH) around the country, including one in Woods Hole, Mass.
The plan lays forth an increased emphasis on leveraging scientific advances to benefit human health and longevity.
The basic idea is simple, but it's seldom observed: "When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause-and-effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.
Why Some Like It Hot also reveals the dire consequences to human health represented by homogenous diets and the lost of traditional foods with such effects as the rampant onset of adult diabetes among 100 million indigenous peoples and the historic rise in heart disease in peoples of European decent.
GAO examined (1) scientific evidence on the transference of antibiotic resistance from animals to humans and extent of potential harm to human health, (2) agencies' efforts to assess and address these risks, (3) the types of data needed to support research on these risks and extent to which the agencies collect these data, (4) use of antibiotics in animals in the United States compared with its key agricultural trading partners and competitors, and (5) information on how use has affected trade.
as territory manager for the company's food and beverage, meat and prepared foods, and human health and nutrition business areas.
Milwaukee, WI, has made two promotions in its Human Health and Nutrition division.
The EU also has completed a Draft Human Health Risk Assessment Report on deca-BDE, though it will not be issued until March, after some recent studies are evaluated.