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Synonyms for health

Synonyms for health

the condition of being physically and mentally sound

Synonyms for health

a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease

the general condition of body and mind

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Studies reporting the presence of microplastics in treated tap and bottled water have raised questions and concerns about the impact that microplastics in drinking-water might have on human health.
WHO released its latest and the first report, Microplastics in Drinking-Water, on Thursday to examine the potential human health risks associated with exposure to tiny, often microscopic pieces of plastic known as 'microplastics' in the environment.
They cover bioactive compounds in medicinal plants: status and potential; plant-based pharmaceuticals in human health; therapeutic attributes of mushrooms, cereal grains, and legumes; and innovative uses of medicinal plants.
Pursuant to the agreement, ICF will expand on its human health risk assessment work with EPA, bringing new, innovative perspectives to the development of methods and analysis tools to help the agency conduct scientifically defensible assessments of chemical hazards and other environmental stressors.
NIH in its medical assessment added that in all water samples the coliform level is from 50 to 240 while total viable counts are 4*10 as well other bacterial germs are also found in large number and marked all these samples unfit for human health.
Schechter, US-based Merck's (NYSE: MRK) president of Global Human Health, is stepping down from his current position as of 31 December 2018, and will be shifting to an advisory capacity to the CEO, the company said.
Bruce Gordon, coordinator of WHO's global work on water and sanitation, told BBC News that the key question was whether a lifetime of eating or drinking particles of plastic could influence human health.
The study concluded, that while the science of GMOs is relatively new, there are no significant human health or environmental threats posed as a result of GMOs.
Kiev, Ukraine, November 13, 2015 --( One year plus of life expectancy for each donation of US$20 (no more than 5 years for US$100) is offered to donors participating in a crowdfunding campaign to support a new medical startup Human Health Watch, which starts today on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform (
This universally accepted definition of health described that surrounding environment is also utmost important for human health. So, human health is directly corroborated with environmental health.
Rifi stressed the necessity of implementing the law so as to protect the citizen's health "which is a priority." Abu Faour, for his part, said that he would continue his campaign against the corruption of some restaurants to favor food safety and human health "which is a priority." He said, "We are neither harming tourism nor economy in our campaign, we are just serving and protecting human health." A.M.
Researchers valued the human health effects of the reduced air pollution at nearly $7 billion every year in a study published recently in the journal Environmental Pollution.
In their preface, editors Brevik (geology and soils, Dickinson State U.) and Burgess (biology, Dickinson State U.) note that the diverse group of fields involved in soils and human health need to have more cross-disciplinary communications and cooperation to address those issues properly.
Unfortunately, as pointed out in a recent editorial from The Lancet (2012), human health was hardly mentioned.
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