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English astronomer who pioneered spectroscopic analysis in astronomy and who discovered the red shift (1824-1910)

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It was later revealed that India, who needs a wheelchair to move around, had gone missing with her mother Gail Huggins.
The hospital's board of trustees voted unanimously to appoint Roberge, an Alton resident, to the permanent position, citing his dedication to continuous improvement at Huggins Hospital.
Huggins, a no-nonsense Midwesterner, had little interest in what others thought of him, and certainly not what they thought of his appearance.
Huggins rightfully earned the title of "elder statesman" of holistic dentistry.
Despite numerous blood transfusions, Huggins fell in and out of consciousness before he died on Sept.
Drunken Huggins went looking for the man but first targeted the wrong address, mistakenly smashing the window of a neighbour's home.
The EPA is required to regulate against hazards, and since none is proven, no regulation is warranted," said Huggins.
After all Huggins, who has a Paralympic silver medal to show for his expertise, was about to run with one of the finest three-legged exponents ever produced by Admaston 1st cub pack.
Huggins has been with Lowe's Canada since it opened its first stores here in 2007 At the time, he was vice president of operations and Robinson was the president.
Their choice, Marry Huggins, the black-sheep son of an antebellum-minded Southern landowner (Brian Cox), is eager to impress his dad and too clueless to question where his campaign contributions are coming from.
Water availability is a major limiting factor of dryland crop productivity in the Palouse," says Agricultural Research Service soil scientist David Huggins.
Huggins to present the keynote address at COPE's first annual conference, “Weight Management - What YOU Say Matters
Jonathan Huggins, 42, is already serving a two-year jail sentence after being convicted of fraud last August.
Huggins DDS, MS, conducted a presentation at the Gerson Institute regarding non-toxic dentistry, on January 6, 2012.
After calls from other collectors, Huggins discovered an identity thief had fraudulently used his name and social security number to apply for credit cards.