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Synonyms for huffy

Synonyms for huffy

quick to take offense

roused to anger


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Timing for unveiling the new Huffy bicycles and scooters to support the various Marvel movie launches is based on each movie release date.
These products will combine the timeless Marvel Super Heroes with the innovative Huffy bicycle brand for the first time.
DAYTON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- May 24, 1995 -- The Huffy Bicycle Company, a division of Huffy Corporation (NYSE:HUF), considers consumer safety its highest priority and thoroughly and repeatedly tests all its bicycle models.
CHICAGO, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- America's leading bicycle manufacturer, Huffy Bicycles, announced today its "strongest" licensing agreement in years, joining with Ironman Triathlon to highlight the performance features of the company's upcoming line of all-terrain bicycles.
Strategically, the Ironman license provides Huffy Bicycles an exciting vehicle to reach the recreational rider with up-spec products at a great value with a great name.
He designed and built the Huffy bicycles for the U.
Huffy Service First is a division of Huffy Bicycles and is responsible for assembling all bicycles in Kmart stores.
CO: Kmart Corporation; Huffy Bicycles ST: West Virginia IN: SU:
In the Recreation and Leisure Time Products segment, Huffy Bicycles and Huffy Sports improved earnings performance on increased volume associated with strong demand.
In the Recreation and Leisure Time Products business segment, Huffy Bicycles is experiencing increased demand as we move into the Christmas selling season.
True Temper Hardware Company's market share gains have helped to offset a sales decline at the Huffy Bicycle Company.
30, 1992, all of our operating companies, with the exception of the Huffy Bicycle Company, reported increased sales over 1991's record levels.
Shaw concluded, "We will be impacted by margin pressures at Huffy Bicycles throughout 1992.
recent business conditions at the Huffy Bicycle Company.
Planned increased inventory levels at the Huffy Bicycle Company have significantly improved the service level for our customers.