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Synonyms for huffy

Synonyms for huffy

quick to take offense

roused to anger


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Action Bikes will be marketing and selling Huffy Bicycles pan India by focusing on product innovations, in-depth partnership with dealers and mass market retailers and targeted strategies.
She brings a wide range of technology and consumer account experience to Grey, having worked on Huffy Bicycles, Bayer, Ralston Purina, Motorola Wireless, Mongoose Bicycles, Sunbeam Household Products, XL Datacomp and Mitsubishi International.
The Company signed a distribution agreement with Huffy Bicycles to sell its ZAPPY electric scooter through major U.
The announcement was made jointly by Bill Smith, Vice President of Marketing for Huffy Bicycles and Andrew Hutchins, General Manager for ZAPWORLD.
All Huffy Bicycle Company's models meet or exceed all federal safety standards, and the company stands firmly behind the quality and performance of all Huffy bicycles.