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the first coherent school of American art

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His lurid fantasy landscapes painted on stock-market listings draw contemporary analogies between the state of the planet and industrial capitalism, but their dramatic geography originates in the New World vistas of the Hudson River School, just as their apocalyptic storm clouds derive from John Martin.
Following the lecture, guests will be invited to take a closer look at the Fruitlands collection of Hudson River School landscapes in the centennial exhibition, "100 Objects, 100 Stories, 100 Years at Fruitlands Museum.
By the time Obata arrived in 1927, the public viewed the grandiose landscapes of the Hudson River School as antiquated and stale, and fewer artists frequented the park despite increasing general visitation.
Champagne is opened, and they make their way outside and down across an enormous lawn, still singing as they head toward a classically romantic Hudson River School horizon.
Many of us are familiar with the muted colors, nearly invisible brushstrokes, and sprawling landscapes of the Catskills and Adirondacks by Hudson River School artists.
Two weeks earlier, while on a tour of the 19th-century Hudson River School painter Frederic Church's Persian-style redoubt, Olana, I had noticed--how could I not?
Morse, first president of the National Academy of Design, and Thomas Cole, the leading artist of the Hudson River School of American landscape painting.
Similarly, in "Outskirts" (2011), the mustard twilight seems to discharge from within a glowing sunset (or sunrise) and recalls the grandeur and sublime of a Hudson River School landscape.
It is said to have played host to many Hudson River School painters during the late 1800s.
a town about two hours north of Manhattan, to retrace the steps of the Hudson River School, the 19th-century movement of landscape artists who walked the mountains of this verdant slice of the Northeast in search of inspiration.
Wiles, a Hudson River school painter; Irving was widely acclaimed during his lifetime but died in obscurity.
The Hudson River School painters were active around 1825 to 1875.
The success of the Hudson River School, he argues, depended in part on artists' abilities to present images that incorporated the wildness, terror and sublimity of nature with more reassuring natural scenes familiar to tourists familiar with the length of the Hudson.
Noteworthy among them is the oil painting by the Hudson River School artist Frederic Church.
At first glance, Kim Keever's images look like something out of the Hudson River School, that period in American art when painters created landscapes as pristine as Eden.
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